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format file eap

What is an eap file and how do I open an eap file?

An Enterprise Architect project file can be created, opened and edited using the Enterprise Architect software, and this application saves these project output files in the EAP format, which is a file affixed with the .eap extension. The Enterprise Architect program and the EAP file format were developed by Sparx Systems to offer users with functionalities for designing and formulating custom software systems. Classified as a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) application, the Enterprise Architect program and the EAP file format are implemented with support for UML 2.0 standards and specifications. The Enterprise Architect software can be installed in computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems to start creating, opening and modifying the content of these EAP project output files. The data stored in an EAP file include source code and developer comments entered by the author of the EAP project output file. These pieces of data is referenced by the Enterprise Architect software when a user opens and views the content of the corresponding EAP file with this application.

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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
Detail eap file extension information:
File Type: eap
File Format: Enterprise Architect Project
Primary Association: Data Files