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format file dpn

What is a dpn file and how do I open a dpn file?

Depiction data files can be created, opened or viewed and edited using the Depiction software. This application saves these Depiction data files in the DPN format, and these files are affixed with the .dpn extension. The Depiction software was developed to provide users with features for creating and viewing "what if" scenarios or situations and converting these scenarios into dynamic multimedia documents. The content of a DPN file usually includes static details associated to digital objects entered by the author of the DPN file, such as elevation configurations, terrain maps and digital images among others. Users of computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the Depiction software to start creating, opening or viewing and modifying the content of these DPN files, and the scenarios stored in these DPN files can be simulated using the Depiction software, allowing users to map then observe visual action-reaction situations corresponding to the scenarios entered in the DPN file.

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Detail dpn file extension information:
File Type: dpn
File Format: Depiction Data File
Primary Association: Data Files