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format file dmc

What is a dmc file and how do I open a dmc file?

Digital documents stored in the DMC format can be authored, created and opened using the Datamartist software. These DMC documents are classified as data files and are affixed with the .dmc extension. Also called Datamartist data canvas files, the content of these DMC files can be a combination of data from multiple sources. The Datamartist software was developed by nModal Solutions as a program that allows users to combine, analyze and organize pieces of data from many content sources in one DMC document. Data conversion details and internal data type settings can be entered by authors of a DMC file using the Datamartist application, and these are stored as connection associations and transform blocks. These DMC files are also frequently used for reference data sets or for small to medium-sized data sets, due to the 250000 values/data set limit implemented into DMC documents. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the Datamartist program to create, open and edit the content of these DMC files, as well as combine and organize content from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents, other DMC documents, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server databases among other data sources in a DMC file.

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nModal Solutions Datamartist
Detail dmc file extension information:
File Type: dmc
File Format: Datamartist Data Canvas File
Primary Association: Data Files