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format file das

What is a das file and how do I open a das file?

DeltaMaster analysis session files are saved in the DAS format and are generally classified as data files. These DAS files are created by the DeltaMaster software, which also associates these DAS files to certain DAM (DeltaMaster analysis model) templates generated by a DeltaMaster user. The software does this because it needs to reference the data in those DAS files whenever a user requests for an associated feature integrated into the software and into the corresponding DAM file. The DeltaMaster software is a business data management and analysis application, and it automatically creates a DAS file and populates it with certain details of the associated DAM file and other pieces of data about the DeltaMaster session, such as session logs and report attributes. Bissantz developed the DAS and DAM file formats as well as the DeltaMaster application. This software can be installed in a Microsoft Windows-based system to implement support for accessing the business data research and analysis features integrated into this program.

Recommended das file download:
Bissantz DeltaMaster
Detail das file extension information:
File Type: das
File Format: DeltaMaster Analysis Session
Primary Association: Data Files