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format file da2

What is a da2 file and how do I open a da2 file?

The DA2 file format is used by the DeepAnalysis software as a data file, and these files are also commonly called DeepAnalysis save files. These DA2 files are affixed with the .da2 extension and was developed by HammerTap, which also created the DeepAnalysis program. This software is classified as a data research and mining application integrated with features to scrape details of eBay auctions. The content of these DA2 files may include pieces of information like buyer data, auction results and seller information among other relevant market details. The DeepAnalysis software stores sales research details in files with the .da2 extension. Users of computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the DeepAnalysis application to start accessing the content of these DA2 files and the set of functions integrated into this program for eBay auction data research. The DeepAnalysis software can also be used to produce reports from the details saved in a DA2 file.

Recommended da2 file download:
HammerTap DeepAnalysis
Detail da2 file extension information:
File Type: da2
File Format: DeepAnalysis Save File
Primary Association: Data Files