Bestandsextensies beginnen met karakter 'W'
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Bestandsextensies beginnen met karakter 'W'

File Type Categorie File Format
.w01 Yamaha Files Yamaha SY Series Wave File
.w02 Audio Files Split Archive File
.w3x Game Files Warcraft 3 Uitbreiding kaartbestand
.wab Data Files Windows Adresboek
.wad Game Files Doom WAD File
.war Java Archive Files Java Web Archive
.wav Audio Files WAVE Audio File
.wb1 Raster Graphics Files Webshots Picture File
.wbcat Backup Files Windows Backup Catalog File
.wbk Backup Files Word Document Backup
.wcat Data Files WinCatalog Collection File
.wcd Data Files Works Agenda File
.wcf Data Files WebEx Saved Chatsessie
.wcz Configuration Files Chameleon Clock Wallpaper File
.wdf Data Files Workshare Vergelijk DeltaFile
.wdq Data Files Offline Explorer Queue File
.wdseml Multiple Use Files Thunderbird doorzoekbare Email File
.wea Data Files Ecotect Weer File
.webarchivexml Android Files Android Web Browser Archief
.webm Digital Video Files WebM Video File
.wer Microsoft Files Windows Error Report
.wfm Data Files Tektronix Waveform Data File
.wft Export Files GTA 4 Auto Model File
.wgt Web Files Opera Widget File
.wid Data Files SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence File
.wim Windows Files Windows Imaging Format File
.winclone Disk Image Files Winclone Afbeelding
.windowsli Data Files Windows Live Contacts File
.wiz Program Execution Files Microsoft Wizard File
.wjr Data Files ReGet Deluxe Data File
.wk1 Data Files Lotus werkblad
.wk2 Data Files Lotus 2 werkblad
.wk3 Lotus Files Lotus 3 Werkblad
.wk4 Data Files Lotus 4 werkblad
.wk5 Data Files Lotus 5 werkblad
.wke Data Files Lotus 1-2-3 Educatieve Versie werkblad
.wlmp Digital Video Files Windows Live Movie Maker Project File
.wma Windows Media Files Windows Media Audio File
.wmf Vector Graphics Files Windows Metafile
.wmv Digital Video Files Windows Media Video File
.wnk Data Files Wink Presentatie
.wotreplay Game Files World of Tanks Replay File
.wp Text Files WordPerfect Document
.wp4 Text Files WordPerfect 4 Document
.wp5 Text Files WordPerfect 5 Document
.wp5 Document Files WordPerfect 5 file
.wp6 Text Files WordPerfect 6 Document
.wp7 Text Files WordPerfect 7 Document
.wpa Text Files HANDELEN! Tekstverwerkingsdocument
.wpc Data Files WordPad Converter File
.wpd Text Files WordPerfect Document
.wpf Data Files WordPerfect Form
.wpg Vector Graphics Files WordPerfect Graphic File
.wpk Audio Files Nero Wave Editor File
.wpl Digital Video Files WPL
.wpm Executable Files WordPerfect Macro File
.wpo Data Files HOLUX Waypoint File
.wpp Wordperfect Files WebPlus Project File
.wps Microsoft Office Files Microsoft Works Tekstverwerker Document
.wpt Text Files WordPerfect Template
.wpw Development Files WinDev Mobile Window File
.wq1 Spreadsheet Files Quattro Pro voor DOS Spreadsheet File
.wri Text Files Windows Write Document
.wrpl Game Files Widelands saved game bestand
.wsd Text Files WordStar Document
.wsdl Microsoft Files Web Services Description Language File
.wsi Data Files Wise Package Studio Installer Package
.wsm Data Files Wise Package Studio Merge Module
.wtb Data Files Win-Test Binary Log File
.wtf Configuration Files World of Warcraft Text File
.wtr Data Files Encarta File
.wtx Text Files text Document
.wz Game Files MapleStory Game Data File