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format file omp

What is an omp file and how do I open an omp file?

The .omp file extension is used by the Office Manager program as database file. The Office Manager program allows users to manage databases wherein these databases are called the .omp files. This file extension works to support data cataloging and automatic document indexing, which makes it easier for users to manage databases using Office Manager. It is also through these .omp files that Windows documents can be accessed quickly and easily. Because the format of these files is standard, they can be opened with the use of Microsoft Access. There are also other applications associated with the .omp file extension such as Matchware applications wherein it is a program that allows quick brainstorming and visualizing of ideas so that meetings and projects can be accomplished in a jiffy. The files and data created using this software are all in the .omp format. Other applications associated with the file extension are also OpenMind and OrisManager.

Recommended omp file download:
Microsoft Access 2013
Krekeler Office Manager Pro
Krekeler Office Manager Enterprise
Detail omp file extension information:
File Type: omp
File Format: Office Manager Document Archive
Primary Association: Data Files