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format file xlgc

What is a xlgc file and how do I open a xlgc file?

Files that use the .xlgc extension are known as ExpressK Database Files because they are used by the application ExpressK and come in a database format. Lists of keys, users, locks, building diagrams as well as schedules for the maintenance of equipments are what comprise these .xlgc files. They can be opened with the use of the application known as Prosystech ExpressK. This application, developed by Prosystech inc. is greatly helpful for schools, condominiums, churches, buildings, museums and day care centers. It is helpful because it allows users to create databases and tasks used by the mentioned organizations, making their management tasks easier. Its user-friendly interface and affordable price is also very convenient for the users which is why when it comes to management and control solutions, this software is sought after. But even without this software, users can also open these .xlgc files by using file converters and editors.

Recommended xlgc file download:
Prosystech ExpressK
Detail xlgc file extension information:
File Type: xlgc
File Format: ExpressK Database File
Primary Association: Data Files