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format file itmsp

What is an itmsp file and how do I open an itmsp file?

The ITMSP files are known as iTunes Store Packages. These are data files that refer to the packages created for the iTunes store. They usually contain videos, a digital book, music, application as well as other contents that may be sold in the iTunes store. ITMSP files are mainly used by content providers to package iTunes submission wherein before releasing it for sale on the store; they are first reviewed by Apple. In other words, these files are still to be submitted to either iTunes Producer or the Application Loader, for review, wherein iTunes Producer is considered part of the program called the iTunes connect (iTC) Content Provider and the Application Loader is part of the program known as the iTC Developer. The iBooks Author is a program that is usually used to create ITMSP files. This is a program used for the publication of digital books useful in the Apple iBookstore. The ITMSP files used and created by this software are usually published from book design documents wherein they are also known as .IBA or .BOOK files.

Mac OS
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Apple iBooks Author
Apple Application Loader
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Detail itmsp file extension information:
File Type: itmsp
File Format: iTunes Store Package
Primary Association: Data Files