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format file menc

What is a menc file and how do I open a menc file?

MENC files are developed by Microsoft as they are used as Windows Mobile Encrypted Files. They are mainly used by Windows mobile devices and categorized as data files. MENC files are found on removable media cards and they usually contain either the original file or the additional header information’s encrypted version. These files are responsible for allowing secure file storage for external storage cards. MENC files are written with the filename, which is the name of the original file; a GUID in the middle that serves as a generated key that tells the encryption filter if the file can be decrypted or not; and lastly the file extension MENC. With this, the file comes out as FILENAME.GUID.menc. The device that created the file can decrypt MENC files and this allows these files to be transferred to a PC with the use of Windows ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. Since MENC files are encrypted files, they usually cannot be opened or read unless the MENC file extension is hidden.

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Detail menc file extension information:
File Type: menc
File Format: Windows Mobile Encrypted File
Primary Association: Data Files