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format file wdq

What is a wdq file and how do I open a wdq file?

The .wdq file extension is attached to files that the program Offline Explorer downloaded. These files are often called website files since Offline Explorer is known as a program used for website archiving. This program is very important in businesses especially businesses that maintain websites. The function of this program is to create archive files and store website data so that in case the need to restore these data in the future arises, users won’t have a hard time retrieving these data. When this program is used to archive websites, users can easily view and edit their web pages. These .wdq files usually contain queues and these queues contain images, URLs of HTML pages as well as other website files. When the program archives a website; all the downloaded files are saved using the .wdq extension. Offline Explorer applications can be used to open these files such as MetaProducts Offline Explorer, MetaProducts Offline Explorer Pro, and MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise.

Recommended wdq file download:
MetaProducts Offline Explorer
MetaProducts Offline Explorer Pro
MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise
Detail wdq file extension information:
File Type: wdq
File Format: Offline Explorer Queue File
Primary Association: Data Files