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format file wcf

What is a wcf file and how do I open a wcf file?

The WebEx application is an online Instant Messaging (IM) program that makes use of files in the WCF format. Users can chat with their contacts using this IM application, making this software useful for online meetings and Web seminars. The WebEx chat software has an automatic feature where details of chat sessions like session logs and messages are stored in these WCF files. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems with the WebEx chat session software is installed can use Microsoft Notepad or other Microsoft Windows-based text editor, such as Microsoft WordPad, to open and view the content of these WCF files. Mac users can also use Apple TextEdit among other text editing software developed for various Mac platforms in order to open and view chat session logs and details stored in files with the .WCF extension. This is possible since these WCF files are essentially text documents and contain unformatted text. Aside from messages sent and received by a user of the WebEx software during a chat session being available in a .wcf file, date and time stamps are also stored in the associated WCF text document.

Mac OS
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Any text editor
Any text editor
Detail wcf file extension information:
File Type: wcf
File Format: WebEx Saved Chat Session
Primary Association: Data Files