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format file vault

What is a vault file and how do I open a vault file?

A Fontcase vault file contains a list of different font types and other details associated to each font type entered in the Fontcase vault file. These Fontcase vault files are created by the Fontcase application, a program designed with a set of integrated functionalities used in adding, pruning and managing a list of font types used in a Mac OS X system. These Fontcase vault files are implemented with text and binary data formatting attributes proprietary to Bohemian Coding, developer of the Fontcase application. A Fontcase vault file is also integrated with data encoding standards used to store the content of a Fontcase vault file in the VAULT format, the standard file format deployed by the Fontcase program for its supported lists of font types and details. Affixed with the .vault extension, the content of a Fontcase vault file may also include metadata details associated to each corresponding font type entered in the Fontcase vault file, aside from reference information about the font data itself. User-developed fonts as well as system-wide fonts and shared font types are supported by the Fontcase program and these Fontcase vault files. Some of the metadata details stored in a Fontcase vault file is the status of a font type included in the list, whether it has been activated or deactivated by the Fontcase user. This program automatically loads and saves font types entered by the Fontcase user in the appropriate directory of the Mac OS X system.

Mac OS
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Bohemian Coding Fontcase
Detail vault file extension information:
File Type: vault
File Format: Fontcase Vault File
Primary Association: Data Files