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format file ulf

What is an ulf file and how do I open an ulf file?

Certain GIS (Geographic Information System) applications associated to particular GPS devices and location mapping gadgets use these universal list files, and a universal list file is implemented with data formatting attributes based on ULF (Universal List Format) standards. A universal list file is integrated with data compilation and encoding specifications used for the generation of GIS data files stored in the ULF file format. Appended witht he .ulf extension, the content of a universal list file may include map vertices and location coordinates entered by a user of a supported GIS application corresponding to a set of compatible GPS devices and map charting gadgets. Users with computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems can try installing a GIS application associated to widely used GPS and chart mapping devices to possibly implement support into the system for creating and opening or editing these universal list files. Mac and Linux users can on the other hand try using popular GIS applications developed for GPS and mapping gadgets designed for Mac and Linux platforms to start creating, viewing and modifying the content stored in these universal list files.

Recommended ulf file download:
Geosystems MRF Mapping Tool Kit
Detail ulf file extension information:
File Type: ulf
File Format: Universal List File
Primary Association: Data Files