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format file ud

What is an ud file and how do I open an ud file?

An OmniPage user dictionary file is a supplemental data file proprietary to Nuance Communications, a prominent software development company of accessible applications. The supplemental utility of an OmniPage user dictionary file is its function of adding lists of proper nouns and abbreviations and technical terminologies entered by the user of a program called OmniPage, and these OmniPage user dictionary files aid the main dictionary files implemented into the OmniPage software. The OmniPage program was developed by Nuance Communications to provide users with a set of functionalities used for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) projects, and this application may have multiple main dicitionary files since support for many languages is integrated into this program. These OmniPage user dictionary files and main dictionaries are used for the optical character recognition processes deployed by the OmniPage application. A OmniPage user dictionary file may be associated with one particular main dictionary. The content of an OmniPage user dictionary file is integrated with data encoding specifications proprietary to Nuance Communications and the UD file format. These OmniPage user dictionary files are appended with the .ud extension.

Mac OS
Recommended ud file download:
Nuance OmniPage 18
Nuance OmniPage Pro X
Detail ud file extension information:
File Type: ud
File Format: OmniPage User Dictionary
Primary Association: Data Files