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format file twbx

What is a twbx file and how do I open a twbx file?

A Tableau packaged workbook file is categorized as a data file used by the Tableau Desktop program, which was developed by Tableau Software with an integrated set of features useful for implementing functionalities deployed for whiteboard document visualization, research development and analysis. Unlike Tableau workbook files that are affixed with the .twb extension, these Tableau packaged workbook files contain the imported data itself and not just details that can be referenced by the Tableau Desktop software when a user views the content of these Tableau workbook files with the aid of this program. The content of a Tableau packaged workbook file is implemented with data encoding specifications used by Tableau Software for the TWBX file format. Affixed with the .twbx extension, the data stored in these Tableau packaged workbook files may include the actual workbook created by a user with the Tableau Desktop program along with other workbook files embedded by the user into the Tableau packaged workbook file. These .twbx files are also formatted using XML-based specifications.

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Detail twbx file extension information:
File Type: twbx
File Format: Tableau Packaged Workbook
Primary Association: Data Files