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format file slf

What is a slf file and how do I open a slf file?

SLF files are known as Symantec License Files since they are used by Symantec software for software license activation. Since Symantec is a brand of anti-virus software, activating this program requires a license and SLF files are the files containing the activation code for the said software by which these codes are important to prove that the user legally bought the license for the said software and can run the program already. SLF files are important as they also contain license information proving that a user can legally use the software. SFL files can either be compressed files; document and data; as well as archived files formatted using a popular form of coding called the extensible markup language. While not all Symantec products utilize SLF files for license activation, applications such as Symantec AntiVirus Small Business Edition, Enterprise Vault versions 7.0 as well as Ghost Solutions Suite versions 2.0 use these files.

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Detail slf file extension information:
File Type: slf
File Format: Symantec License File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files