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format file alt

What is an alt file and how do I open an alt file?

An ALZip archive file can contain one or several files or even directories with sub directories that have one or more files. These directory and sub directory libraries or files stored in an ALZip archive file are integrated with data compression specifications used by the ALZip file compression and decompression software to archive these directories, sub directories and files as well as to reduce the collective size of all files and folders contained in the ALZip archive file. The ALZip software is implemented with support for more than 32 widely used archive or compressed file formats, and this application also integrates data encoding standards for storing these archived files in a compressed ALZip file that is saved in the ALZ format. These ALZip files are affixed with the .alz extension.

Recommended alt file download:
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Detail alt file extension information:
File Type: alt
File Format: Dynamics AX Temporary File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files