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format file msu

What is a msu file and how do I open a msu file?

A Windows Vista update package file contains source code used for initializing system updates, small upgrades or fixes and patches for Microsoft Windows Vista systems. These Windows Vista update package files are integrated with source code data compilation specifications proprietary to Microsoft Corporation, and these Windows Vista update package files are also implemented with encoding standards deployed by Microsoft for the MSU file format commonly used for the system updates, fixes and patches or small upgrades required by other Microsoft Windows-based systems. The Windows Update applet is a bundled application with many Microsoft Windows OS versions, including Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Server. These Windows Vista update package files are used by the Windows Update software of the Microsoft Windows Vista system to reference the source code and other pieces of data relevant for the initialization and startup of the installation process for these system fixes, upgrades and updates. This is facilitated by the Windows Update Stand-alone Installer program, a built-in application automatically initialized by the Windows Update applet.

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Microsoft Windows Update
Detail msu file extension information:
File Type: msu
File Format: Windows Vista Update Package
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files