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format file skim

What is a skim file and how do I open a skim file?

A Skim notes file is used in conjunction with programs developed for authoring PDF files, and these Skim notes files are integrated with text data storage specifications used by the Skim program. Generally classified as data files, the content stored in these Skim notes files are referenced by the PDF viewer application when a user views a PDF file associated to a Skim notes file. The content of a Skim notes file may include notes or comments saved by a user with the Skim program while reading a PDF file. These Skim notes files are also implemented with encoding standards used by the Skim application for the SKIM file format. These Skim notes files are affixed with the .skim extension, and the Skim program was developed to provide users with a set of additional features useful when reading PDF files. Annotations can be saved in these Skim notes files by the user for PDF files with the use of the Skim application. These Skim notes files are separately saved from the associated PDF file, so supported PDF viewer applications can just reference and load the data stored in these SKIM files when the user requests to see the notes and annotations or comments saved in the associated Skim notes file. These SKIM files should also be saved in the same name as the name of the PDF file.

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Detail skim file extension information:
File Type: skim
File Format: Skim Notes File
Primary Association: Data Files