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format file sbd

What is a sbd file and how do I open a sbd file?

Files with the SBD extension contain the mime-type application/octet-stream. This format is also known to be associated and utilized by Mozilla Suite, mainly with Mozilla Mail Subdirectory. Mail folders are stored as two files, one with an MSF file extension and one with no extension. A good example of an MSF file extension would be INBOX.MSF, this is the index to the mail. One can access the optional folder that consists of the mailbox name with an SBD file extension. Other applications that can open the SBD file extension format are some programs that are included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Recommended sbd file download:
Microsoft Office Accounting
Detail sbd file extension information:
File Type: sbd
File Format: Office Accounting Company Data File
Primary Association: Data Files