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format file rfo

What is a rfo file and how do I open a rfo file?

The RoboForm Option File is stored in the RFO format and is affixed with the RFO extension, and is used by RoboForm program. These RFO files are generally classified as data files that contain various types of RoboForm program data, such as software licenses, caches, or settings and are commonly found with the names options.rfo, license.rfo, mru.rfo, and cache.rfo. Among the four files, the only files that can be backup are options.rfo files. These files are used as storage of RoboForm installation information and program preferences. The RoboForm software is a password manager and form-filler program that integrates with web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The program features a military grade password encryption by using a master password supplied by the user. RoboForm passwords can also be backup by clicking the "Backup" button under "User Data" in the RoboForm options window. The Siber Systems RoboForm software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and read RFO f

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Siber Systems RoboForm
Detail rfo file extension information:
File Type: rfo
File Format: RoboForm Option File
Primary Association: Data Files