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format file clg

What is a clg file and how do I open a clg file?

Files affixed with the CLG extension are known as Windows catalog files and are categorized as settings files. Settings files contain data that may be used by Microsoft Windows systems or installers of a Microsoft Windows OS when a user accesses certain features associated to the details saved in those files. The Windows System Image Manager application, also known as Windows SIM, uses the content of these CLG files to describe the data stored in an image file with the WIM extension. These details stored in a CLG file refer to components and packages included in the image file, and this data is referenced by Windows SIM to display relevant information to the user without being required to access the actual data stored in the image. These CLG files are mostly included in Microsoft Windows distribution packages and are usually stored in installation disks. A CLG file that corresponds to a particular WIM image usually has a far smaller size than the associated WIM file.

Recommended clg file download:
Microsoft Windows System Image Manager
Detail clg file extension information:
File Type: clg
File Format: Windows Catalog File
Primary Association: Configuration Files