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format file ops

What is an ops file and how do I open an ops file?

OPS is a settings file used by the Microsoft Office Profile Wizard, a program used for configuring user information for Microsoft Office programs. It is not however used by later versions of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office profile settings files are used to export and backup user custom settings of Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft Office Profile Wizard was distributed as a utility in Microsoft Office up until version 2003. Before a user can create an OPS file, each Office program should be started on a test computer and set all the options desired for the users. You can set most options by clicking Options on the Tools menu. in order to customize toolbars and menus, click Customize on the Tools menu. Once the Office programs have been customized, run the Profile Wizard to save the settings to an OPS file. The Profile Wizard will exclude some settings, such as user-specific information, the user name and the Most recently used file list settings that appear on the File menu.

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Detail ops file extension information:
File Type: ops
File Format: Office Profile Settings File
Primary Association: Configuration Files