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format file ond

What is an ond file and how do I open an ond file?

The .ond files are plain text messages that users create using the IBM program Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes is very popular because it allows the organization of e-mails and creation of memos that are in plain text format. The .ond files are simple files and these files are on default view as well as they are in the format that makes them easy to be transported. These files make it easy for emails and other memos created by Lotus Notes easy to access and process. Text files like .ond files are not document files; which is why, they are mostly used to make the function of a certain application more effective and they are mostly created for the convenience of the people using the software. To open .ond files, users may use IBM Lotus Notes application whether on a Windows OS or MAC OS. These .ond files can also be converted by .ond file converter program so that if the appropriate software is not available on the system, users can still access these files.

Mac OS
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IBM Lotus Notes
IBM Lotus Notes
Detail ond file extension information:
File Type: ond
File Format: Lotus Notes Encapsulated Memo File
Primary Association: Data Files