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format file omcs

What is an omcs file and how do I open an omcs file?

The .omcs file extension was developed by Krekeler and is used as an Office Manager Access File. .omcs files are not document files that were created using a program; rather, they are text files. They are written in plain format because they are not like document files wherein they can be accessed for reading and formatting purposes. These .omcs files contain a link to the Office Manager Document Archive which is usually found on SQL Server, a database program used to manage the system. These .omcs files are what contain the SQL server access parameters which mean they are important and helpful when it comes to accessing the server as well as they are important and used for the server to perform its function to the system. Without these .omcs files, users cannot successfully connect to the SQL database. Files that contain the .omcs extension can be opened with Krekeler Office Manager Pro and Krekeler Office Manager Enterprise.

Recommended omcs file download:
Krekeler Office Manager Pro
Krekeler Office Manager Enterprise
Detail omcs file extension information:
File Type: omcs
File Format: Office Manager Access File
Primary Association: Data Files