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format file nrd

What is a nrd file and how do I open a nrd file?

The NRD file extension is known as Nero DVD-Video Compilation File which was developed by Nero. It is a file format created by Nero Multimedia Suite, a multimedia software package used for video editing, burning, and backup. It includes data required to burn a DVD, including audio and video data and is used for saving DVD compilations. Files in NRD format can be opened with Nero 11 in Microsoft Windows platforms. With the Nero Burning ROM, it can burn DVDs made up of DVD-Video files from hard drive. It can play burned DVDs on almost all DVD players. To compile a DVD-Video, select the DVD entry from the drop-down menu in the New Compilation window. Choose the DVD Video compilation type from the selection list. Set the options you require on the tabs. Click the New button. Select the DVD-Video files. Drag the existing DVD folder structure of the video title (VIDEO_TS) into the video compilation area on the left side.

Recommended nrd file download:
Nero 12
Detail nrd file extension information:
File Type: nrd
File Format: Nero DVD-Video Compilation File
Primary Association: Data Files