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format file nni

What is a nni file and how do I open a nni file?

The NNI file extension is also known as the ANNI Neural Network Investing File which was developed by Neural Science. It is a file format associated with ANNI (Advanced Neural Network Investing), a financial analysis tool used to track investments. It contains data for a single investment, such as transactions and stock prices over time. It contains complete 64 variable Portfolio Management capabilities that permit financial tracking, monitoring and analysis and is also used for tracking stocks, indexes, mutual funds, futures, and other individual investments. Portfolio Groups allow individual management of a group of stocks. This includes news, advanced graphs, training times, performance and output logs for each security. Because of its artificial intelligence techniques, it allows user to make better trading decisions through combination of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and advanced neural network technologies. Data corruption may occur when the operating system crashes while the NNI data file is open. Files in NNI format can be opened with Neural Science ANNI in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Detail nni file extension information:
File Type: nni
File Format: ANNI Neural Network Investing File
Primary Association: Data Files