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format file mxc2

What is a mxc2 file and how do I open a mxc2 file?

The MXC2 is a file extension known as the MAGIX Music Maker cache which was developed by Magix. Specifically the MXC2 file contains information about media files in a folder. It is created when you browse a folder using the Media pool, even if the files in the folder are not media files. It is used to speed up the process of generating previews of media files within folders and subfolders and commonly viewed as mxfilerelatedcache.mxc2. The MXC2 files do not contain any actual media data, just metadata that is related to the actual media files. Music Maker is a program used to remix audio files and add sound to videos. This application remixes and creates new songs, as well as dubbing video recordings easily. It is billed as a music, video, and audio all in one solution. Music Maker and .mg2c files are only able to be used on Windows-based computers that run Windows 2000, XP, or Vista

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus 18
MAGIX Music Maker MX 18
Detail mxc2 file extension information:
File Type: mxc2
File Format: MAGIX Cache File
Primary Association: Data Files