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format file lrx

What is a lrx file and how do I open a lrx file?

These are files categorized as data files and known as Sony Portable Reader Files because they are used by the Sony Portable Reader, a mobile device for reading e-books. LRX files contain Sony "BroadBand eBook" information that may include texts, images, and other information. LRX files are composed of a header, the objects and the index of the objects and they are usually saved in encrypted binary file format. The header of LRX files contains information including the version, the root object identification, the type of thumbnail image, deflated data values, the obfuscation key, the direction flag binding, the size of the data after deflation, etc. LRX and LRF files are the same when it comes to the two available formats of Bbeb books they are comprised of but they differ because LRF files are not encrypted while LRX files are encrypted and even protected using Digital Rights Management or DRM, wherein it limits the number of devices that may be used to open LRX files.

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Sony Reader Library
Sony Reader Library
Detail lrx file extension information:
File Type: lrx
File Format: Sony Portable Reader File
Primary Association: eBook Files