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format file bkk

What is a bkk file and how do I open a bkk file?

The BookBuddi software uses files appended with the BKK extension, specifically for the standard file format of projects created and saved with this application. The BookBuddi program is a digital book development and publishing software developed by BookBuddi. This application was developed for users of computers running on Microsoft Windows-based systems. When a user installs the BookBuddi application into his or her Microsoft Windows system, support for creating, opening and viewing the text and image content stored in these BKK digital books will be implemented into the system. The Microsoft Text to Speech Agent, an application bundled with Microsoft Windows-based systems, are programs helpful in aiding blind and visually impaired Microsoft Windows users in accessing digital content stored in these BKK ebooks, since this application is integrated with support to read back the text content in the digital book into spoken audio. The content of these BKK files are referenced by the BookBuddi application when a user views or modifies the associated BKK file using the BookBuddi program, and these reference details also include text and image formatting attributes among other page layout elements entered by the author of the BKK ebook.

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Detail bkk file extension information:
File Type: bkk
File Format: BookBuddi eBook File
Primary Association: eBook Files