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format file koob

What is a koob file and how do I open a koob file?

Vijay Sridhara developed the KOOB file extension that is attached to e-book files created using Koober. These KOOB files are also referred to as Koob E-Book Files under the data file category. KOOB files refer to e-book files because they mostly contain the book chapters, book styles, navigation as well as publication data and other information about the e-book. These files can also be read using KoobReader if the Koober application is not installed. The KOOBER application is software that creates and reads e-books. It runs mainly on a Windows operating system and users can easily create e-books, modify them according to their liking with the use of this software. The KoobReader, on the other hand, is included in the KOOBER application and it is mainly used to read KOOB format e-books. The KOOB format is actually “BOOK” read backwards because they mainly deal with e-books. KOOB files allow users to get to know what the e-book is all about.

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Detail koob file extension information:
File Type: koob
File Format: Koob E-Book File
Primary Association: eBook Files