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format file ivt

What is an ivt file and how do I open an ivt file?

The files that make use of the IVT extension are known as Beyond 20/20 Table Files or the data tables that the application called Beyond 20/20 created. Beyond 20/20 is known as statistical analysis and data visualization software wherein it publishes complex and multi-dimensional Microsoft Analysis Services cubes. The data tables or the IVT files it created can be shared on the internet using the said software wherein these files use the OLAPsystem that the Microsoft Web technologies are compatible with. Users can view IVT files on a desktop computer with the use of a Professional Browser desktop application. This application is used for the viewing, the mapping, exporting, saving, charting, analyzing, and printing of data easily and fast. The Professional Browser desktop application runs on a Windows desktop but these IVT files can also be opened and viewed using a Web browser that uses the Perspective and Web Data Server (WDS) Web applications.

Recommended ivt file download:
Beyond 20/20 Professional Browser
Detail ivt file extension information:
File Type: ivt
File Format: Beyond 20/20 Table File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/x-beyond2020