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format file isf

What is an isf file and how do I open an isf file?

ISF files refer to the flowcharts or concept maps created using Inspiration. These Inspiration Flowchart Documents are mainly used by students for a variety of purposes such as planning, completing projects as well as researching. They could also contain a diagram, which is why they can either be viewed as a visual diagram or a textual outline format. ISF files can be opened using Inspiration software. This application runs on both MAC and Windows and it is mainly used for ultimate brainstorming. The program allows students to learn how to successfully rely on research and planning for completing projects. The common tasks that can be performed using this software are visual mapping, writing, outlining and creating presentations. It can also be used to brainstorm ideas, for thought structuring and concept communication as well as in note taking, organizing information, and writing plans, reports and other documents related to planning and research.

Mac OS
Recommended isf file download:
Inspiration Software Inspiration
Inspiration Software Inspiration
Detail isf file extension information:
File Type: isf
File Format: Inspiration Flowchart Document
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/x-inspiration