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format file ipmeta

What is an ipmeta file and how do I open an ipmeta file?

The metadata files used by Apple iPhoto are known as IPMETA files. They are categorized as data files containing information about the library of images users have. These files serve as storage for the metadata schema as well as all the information about search, organization, browsing and previewing used by iphoto. IPMETA files can be found in the [user]/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Metadata Backup/ directory wherein the common IPMETA files usually include BackupStatus.ipmeta, Keywords.ipmeta, Globals.ipmeta, Schema.ipmeta and AlbumX.ipmeta. The X in the AlbumX.ipmeta represents a number. IPMETA files should not be mistaken as files containing images because even if they are used by iPhoto, they do not directly deal with the images the application use. They only contain the information about these images. IPMETA files can also be deleted but the next time that iPhoto is opened; they will once again be generated by the application. The Apple Iphoto application using IPMETA files runs only on MAC OS.

Mac OS
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Apple iPhoto '11
Detail ipmeta file extension information:
File Type: ipmeta
File Format: Apple iPhoto Metadata File
Primary Association: Data Files