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format file ibcd

What is an ibcd file and how do I open an ibcd file?

The bingo card designs that were created using the InstantBingoCard application are known as IBCD files, categorized as data files and developed by InstantBingoCard.com. All the data such as the card grid size, words and pictures of the entire card’s call item as well as the themes are saved as IBCD files. Multiple character sets such as the Unicode are supported by IBCD files and these files can easily be printed even with the use of any standard printer. IBCD files also contain cells that contain the custom embedded images that the users usually place. These images can fit to the target call item cell because they can be auto-scaled or stretched. Call item words are also contained in each image. These IBCD files can be viewed using the InstantBingoCard software itself on Windows. This is an application used for the creation and printing of bingo cards wherein a variety of users such as party organizers, parents and teachers use this application.

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Detail ibcd file extension information:
File Type: ibcd
File Format: InstantBingoCard Document
Primary Association: Data Files