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format file hvc

What is a hvc file and how do I open a hvc file?

The Hotdocs application makes use of the HVC files which is why HVC files are also known as HotDocs Variable Collection Files. These HVC files that Hotdocs use collect user data during HotDocs Server interviews that is why they are used together with a JavaScript (.JS) interview file. HVC files do not directly refer to the digital document templates created by the application, but they are useful when it comes to user data collection. Hotdocs is the main application used to open HVC files. This application is very useful for the preparation of digital document templates whether they are legal or contractual forms. This application is also a powerful tool for the quick and easy conversion of word-processing documents and PDF forms into templates. This way, all the transactions that require forms and templates within a business organization can be made easier when Hotdocs is installed. This application runs on a Windows operating system.

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Detail hvc file extension information:
File Type: hvc
File Format: HotDocs Variable Collection File
Primary Association: Data Files