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format file fpsl

What is a fpsl file and how do I open a fpsl file?

Records and databases that the FileMaker Pro exports are called .fpsl files because they are saved in the .fpsl format. The FileMaker Pro software is a popular tool helpful for most businesses and organizations. The function of this software is to aid users in managing important aspects in their business or offices such as events, invoices, customer or client profiles, and other information that are needed in business and organization processes. The software can also be used to create reports and databases that can either be saved or shared. Although FileMaker Pro has other versions, it is the most popular software associated with the .fpsl file extension. .fpsl files can be created simply by saving the file created into the .fpsl format with the use of the FileMaker Pro software. The software can also be used to open .fpsl files and they come in Windows and MAC versions, so whether users are using MAC or widows OS, they can open .fpsl files provided the right software that supports these files are installed.

Mac OS
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FileMaker Pro
FileMaker Pro
Detail fpsl file extension information:
File Type: fpsl
File Format: FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link
Primary Association: Data Files