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format file fop

What is a fop file and how do I open a fop file?

The .fop file format, developed by humanIT, mainly refers to the format that InfoZoom software can export its output files to. These .fop files are not ordinary files exported by Infozoom. Rather, they are actually locked files. InfoZoom is software used for the visualization of data. It is characterized by the application and creation of tables and other information. Files exported using the .fop extension cannot be saved or edited because they are locked files. The fact that .fop files mean locked files is the only thing that sets it apart from .fox files although they are a lot alike. Users who want their data and information protected from dishonest people who may modify true information and change it into false information may save their InfoZoom exported files using the .fop extension. Even if the initially created a data that is not in the .fop format, exporting and saving it through Infozoom will give them the option to save it using the .fop or the locked format.

Recommended fop file download:
humanIT InfoZoom
Detail fop file extension information:
File Type: fop
File Format: InfoZoom Protected Data File
Primary Association: Data Files