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format file dvdproj

What is a dvdproj file and how do I open a dvdproj file?

An iDVD project file is classified as a data file used by the Apple iDVD software, and these data files are saved in the DVDPROJ format. Affixed with the .dvdproj extension, these DVDPROJ files usually consist of details associated to the DVD movies and other multimedia content stored in an iDVD project. The data saved by authors of a DVDPROJ file using the Apple iDVD software includes chapters of DVD movies and reference data for other multimedia content, digital objects, audio clips and sound effects stored in corresponding DVDPROJ files. Apple developed this software to provide users of Mac platforms with a set of features for creating and burning DVD disks, and Apple also developed the DVDPROJ file format to serve as a template file for a DVD project created by an Apple iDVD user. DVD disks created using the Apple iDVD application are supported by many standard standalone DVD players and PC or Mac DVD-ROM/RW drives. Data stored in a DVDPROJ file may be imported to a new Apple iDVD project.

Mac OS
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Detail dvdproj file extension information:
File Type: dvdproj
File Format: iDVD Project File
Primary Association: Data Files