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format file djm

What is a djm file and how do I open a djm file?

Dynojet map files are classified as data files used by the software components of the Power Commander unit, developed by Dynoject Research. These Dynojet map files are saved in the DJM format and are appended with the .djm extension. Power Commander systems are developed for monitoring, configuring and adjusting fuel injection unit calibrations for connected motorcycle Electronic Control Units (ECU). Parameters, mapping details and configurations for the fuel injection functionalities of these hardware units are stored in these DJM files. These parameters, mapping configurations and calibration settings stored in each DJM file are intended for particular motorcycle engine make and models supported by these hardware units. Microsoft Windows users can load or activate certain settings of the Power Commander unit to facilitate efficient data transmissions and communications between the unit and the ECU of the motorcycle engine. The Dynoject Research Power Commander Control Center software can be installed in Microsoft Windows-based systems.

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Detail djm file extension information:
File Type: djm
File Format: Dynojet Map File
Primary Association: Data Files