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format file dam

What is a dam file and how do I open a dam file?

The DeltaMaster software is classified as a database management and analysis application, and this program uses files saved in the DAM format. These DAM files are generally categorized as data files and are affixed with the .dam extension. A DAM file is also called a DeltaMaster analysis model file. The DeltaMaster software and the DAM format are primarily used for its front-end features and specifications, which are in turn used by protocols implemented into OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) databases. The content of a DAM file can include template settings entered as specific analytical processes that must be done by the software to all database entries with the same content. The DeltaMaster application was developed by Bissantz with integrated features useful for storing and analyzing business data, and Microsoft Windows users can install the DeltaMaster software to implement support into their systems for these DAM files. Once installed, a user can also access other business data storage functionalities and analytical processing features available in the software.

Recommended dam file download:
Bissantz DeltaMaster
Detail dam file extension information:
File Type: dam
File Format: DeltaMaster Analysis Model
Primary Association: Data Files