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format file cptl

What is a cptl file and how do I open a cptl file?

Adobe Captivate project template files are encoded with proprietary specifications and saved in the CPTL format. These CPTL files are affixed with the .cptl extension and are classified as data files used by version 6 of the Adobe Captivate software. Adobe Systems developed the .cptl format and the Adobe Captivate 6 software, an application designed to provide users with features meant for creating interactive multimedia materials used in eLearning environments. The content of these CPTL files are usually text outlining details, formatting attributes and page layout elements among other object embedding specifications implemented and saved by the authors of the CPTL files. These attributes and formatting elements can then be used by the Adobe Captivate 6 software to provide users with a quick and easy way to generate multiple documents integrated with the same formatting and page layout attributes, and these newly created documents can be saved in the CPTX project file format. Microsoft Windows users can use the Adobe Captivate 6 application to create new CPTL files and edit the content of existing CPTL project template files. Mac users can also install the version of Adobe Captivate 6 developed for these platforms.

Mac OS
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Adobe Captivate 6
Adobe Captivate 6
Detail cptl file extension information:
File Type: cptl
File Format: Adobe Captivate Project Template File
Primary Association: Data Files