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format file cl2

What is a cl2 file and how do I open a cl2 file?

Files stored in the CL2 format are specifically called HY-TEK meet results files. These files are affixed with the .cl2 extension and are generally classified as data files implemented with support for applications developed by HY-TEK Sports Software. A user of any of two applications from HY-TEK Sports Software can create, open and edit the content of a CL2 file, and these applications include the HY-TEK Sports Team Manager software and the HY-TEK Sports Personal Swim Manager program. These two applications can be installed by users of Microsoft Windows-based systems. Since these CL2 files contain meet results data of a project output file created using these applications, the content of these CL2 files is referenced by these applications when a user enters new content or makes modifications to its existing content using any of the associated features integrated into these programs. These applications were developed for scheduling and recording results of sporting activities, and details stored in a CL2 file may include participant data and competitor results. The HYV format was developed by HY-TEK Sports Software to replace the CL2 format. HYV files are implemented with better support for database storage and retrieval functionalities than CL2 files (which are compressed using plain text encoding specifications).

Recommended cl2 file download:
HY-TEK Sports Team Manager
HY-TEK Sports Personal Swim Manager
Detail cl2 file extension information:
File Type: cl2
File Format: HY-TEK Meet Results File
Primary Association: Data Files