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format file btf

What is a btf file and how do I open a btf file?

Files saved in the BTF format are also appended with the .btf extension, and these are called NationsBank check image files. Files in the BTF format are also classified as data files and are developed and used by Bank of America, and a custom plug-in software designed to implement support for these BTF files into standard Web browsers for Microsoft Windows-based systems is also available. This custom plug-in software is called NationsBank Check Viewing plugin, and this add-on software can be installed to gain access to the content of these BTF files using a Web browser compatible with a Microsoft Windows computer. The content of a BTF file includes text implemented with ASCII encoding standards and images of checks. JPEG compression technology may be integrated into these BTF files, among other image compression standards like IOCA/ABIC, G4 and ABIC (standalone). The ASCII-encoded text stored in a BTF file can include details entered by the author of the BTF file, such as the issuance date of the check among others. Bank of America is the latest name of NationsBank, and this was implemented in 1998.

Recommended btf file download:
Web browser with NationsBank Check Viewing plugin
Detail btf file extension information:
File Type: btf
File Format: NationsBank Check Images
Primary Association: Data Files