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format file brw

What is a brw file and how do I open a brw file?

Files appended with the BRW extension consist of data entered by the author of the Calyx Point project file, particularly the Calyx Point project associated to these BRW files. Files saved in the BRW format are also called Calyx Point borrower files. The Calyx Point software is an application that can be used to organize and manage mortgage data. Calyx Point users can create projects and enter loan and financial data of borrowers in question into the project, and the Calyx Point application associates a BRW file containing the specific details that correspond with each borrower profile entered into the project by the user. When a user views the project output file on the Calyx Point software, the application locates the associated BRW files and references the data stored in it, so the software can include it in the project currently being viewed by the user. The data in these BRW files are also updated once the user makes edits to the project on focus and saves it using the Calyx Point program.

Recommended brw file download:
Calyx Point
Detail brw file extension information:
File Type: brw
File Format: Calyx Point Borrower File
Primary Association: Data Files