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format file azz

What is an azz file and how do I open an azz file?

The AZZ extension is used in files created using the AZZ Cardfile program. This freeware application was developed by Antanas Zdramys for Microsoft Windows systems, and the AZZ Cardfile software makes use of files in the .azz format as compressed database files. Also classified as data files, these AZZ files may be protected by a password generated by the user of the AZZ Cardfil software, which is integrated with features that can encrypt the text content of these AZZ database files and a password generation and protection function for these AZZ data files. The AZZ Cardfile software is classified as a Personal Information Management application that implements ZIP compression specifications and standards into files saved by users in the AZZ format. The content of an AZZ file may range from a user's financial details and login credentials for a wide variety of websites to passwords of a user's email accounts and other important reminders. A user can install the AZZ Cardfile freeware program to start creating these AZZ files and access the other security features available in the program.

Recommended azz file download:
AZZ Cardfile
Detail azz file extension information:
File Type: azz
File Format: AZZ Cardfile Database File
Primary Association: Data Files