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format file wnf

What is a wnf file and how do I open a wnf file?

The Corel Draw Font File or also known as the file extension WNF is used by Corel Draw’s font files program. It is developed by Corel Corporation, a Canadian Software founded by Michael Cowpland in 1985. Creating and manipulating vector graphics are main functions of the graphics editor from Corel Draw. This vector graphics use geometrical forms like points, curves and lines; and also mathematical equations. It has detailed result on an image even if it’s closely magnified. In the Corel Draw program, a filename with WNF extension determines a computer font (outline font or vector font). It utilizes the WNF file format when a vector image was added with fonts that were edited using the said program. A WNF file format allows ranging sizes and it is able to transform and having more attractive result than that of the BMP files. With any other file format, image will be pixilated if fonts were ranged and transformed. With a WNF file format, image has a sharper and vivid output.

Recommended wnf file download:
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8
Detail wnf file extension information:
File Type: wnf
File Format: InfoSelect Data File
Primary Association: Data Files