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format file 8xv

What is a 8xv file and how do I open a 8xv file?

Data files have different types, one of which are variable data files. Mathematical or scientific graphing software associated to external devices that can be synched to computers for calibration or wider utility are usually bundled with these devices. The TI Connect application from Texas Instruments, a manufacturer of a wide variety of calculators and devices, use data files stored in the .8xv format, also known as TI-83/84 Plus variable files, particularly for the TI-83 Plus and the TI-84 Plus, specific calculator models developed by Texas Instruments. These 8XV files consist of variable sets associated with mathematical input functionalities integrated into the TI Connect application and these two Texas Instruments calculator models. The TI Connect application references the data in these 8XV files to provide users with the associated features they need from the devices and this application. The TI Connect program and these calculators can be used with a computer running on Microsoft Windows-based systems, while Mac users can also use these devices and the Ti Connect software's version for Mac-based platforms.

Mac OS
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Texas Instruments TI Connect
Texas Instruments TI Connect
Detail 8xv file extension information:
File Type: 8xv
File Format: TI-83/84 Plus Variable File
Primary Association: Data Files