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format file scs

What is a scs file and how do I open a scs file?

The Simcity Societies game, like any other games also has its saved game files or files that contain the saved game state and these saved game files are what are known as SCS files. SimCity Societies is a computer game that allows players to create their very own city and it was developed by Electronic Arts, Inc. The game consists of settings and options that are available for players to choose for their cities and the city that players created in the game is saved in the SCS format. SCS files are necessary to save cities as well as share the saved game state to other players. There are two corresponding TGA files used when saving SCS files and though loading a saved game does not require TGA files, users cannot access a mini map preview without them. SCS files are mostly located in the directory. SCS files are game files necessary to keep the current state of the city that players’ created so that the next time they load it, they can access the game from where it was last saved.

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Detail scs file extension information:
File Type: scs
File Format: SimCity Societies Saved Game File
Primary Association: Game Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.sealed.csf
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